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Posts tagged "John Cusack"
281- HIGH FIDELITY with Graham Isador

281- HIGH FIDELITY with Graham Isador

Have you heard this? Graham Isador guests with Rewatchability to talk about HIGH FIDELITY Steven Frear’s 2002 drama, comedy, I dunno it transcends genre. It’s really rare, this is the German label import. Yeah, John Cusack’s in it, and Jack Black, Tim Robbins is really funny, not to mention Catherine Zeta Jones, Iben Hiejle and...
Episode 254- SERENDIPITY

Episode 254- SERENDIPITY

This week, for Christmas, we submit ourselves to destiny and rewatch SERENDIPITY, the 2001 romantic comedy starring John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, Molly Shannon and Jeremy Piven as a bunch of people who are willing to ruin their romantic relationships over a bunch of coincidences and happenstance. Or is it true love? We believed when we...


This week we discuss 1997’s Grosse Pointe Blank, starring John Cusack as a hit man, Dan Aykroyd as an evil hit man, and Minnie Driver as his love interest (Cusack’s not Aykroyd’s– that would be weird). We’re joined by Andrew Parker of Dork Shelf to get to the bottom of this funny, somewhat unscrupulous, action-infused romantic comedy. Oh,...
What She's Having: HIGH FIDELITY

What She’s Having: HIGH FIDELITY

Join us this week as we discuss the 2000 film High Fidelity, by the guys who brought you Grosse Pointe Blank, plus the guy who wrote Con Air, and Stephen Frears. Based on the book by Nick Hornby, John Cusack stars as Rob Gordon, a record store owner reeling over his most recent breakup. And...