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Perfectly Meme-able Patrick: CONSPIRACY THEORY memes

Perfectly Meme-able Patrick: CONSPIRACY THEORY memes

On Superman's Logo: A Message to DC

On Superman’s Logo: A Message to DC

Recently, a lot of local news outlets reported on the sad news that a memorial monument to Jeffrey Baldwin, a five-year old Toronto boy who was murdered by his grandparents, would be missing one major component. The monument was to feature Jeffrey dressed as Superman, his idol. The sculpture, which was financed through an online...
Which Pop-Culture Villain is Rob Ford?

Which Pop-Culture Villain is Rob Ford?

For those of us who experience reality primarily through the lens of movies and television, it’s often helpful (and usually unavoidable) to frame real-life events within a pop-cultural context. Ever since Rob Ford emerged on the Toronto political scene, and later as a result of his crack scandal on the international scene, a particular segment of...

Why Breaking Bad May Be the Greatest Super-Hero TV Show of All Time

SPOILER ALERT: If haven’t watched Breaking Bad, then you probably shouldn’t read this article. With the series finale of Breaking Bad airing tomorrow night, it seems like an appropriate time to question: why do people love this show so damn much? Sure it’s superbly crafted and acted, but for me personally, there’s always been some...

LEGOLAND Shitting Bricks Over Adult Visitors

Rarely do we here at get political, but when certain injustices occur, we consider it our responsibility, nay our duty, to take the time out of our busy schedules discussing stupid old movies and TV shows, to make our voices heard. We are, of course, talking about Lego. According to a report by CTV,...

The Secret to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Success

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been making headlines recently, embroiled in a scandal involving a video that allegedly shows him smoking crack. Add that to the pile of other scandals that include: alleged sexual harassment, alleged excessive drinking, and generally being a dick… allegedly. How did such a boorish man ascend to the highest office...

Why Your Favourite TV Villains Keep Popping Up on MAD MEN

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Mad Men, Veronica Mars, Twin Peaks,  and Lost. But you’ve probably seen all of those shows already, right? RIGHT? A strange thing happened in “The Flood,” the most recent episode of Mad Men. No, it didn’t involve Pete Campbell getting a gif-worthy punch in the face, nor was it some sort of...

NEWS: J.J. Abrams set to launch Kickstarter campaign for STAR WARS EPISODE VII has gained exclusive screencaps of J.J. Abrams’ forthcoming Kickstarter campaign for his new Star Wars film, in the mode of the recently successful multimillion dollar Kickstarter campaigns by Zach Braff and Rob Thomas. While it hasn’t gone live on the website yet, you can see the screencaps by clicking the images below: