There was only 5000 of these made

Have you heard this? Graham Isador guests with Rewatchability to talk about HIGH FIDELITY Steven Frear’s 2002 drama, comedy, I dunno it transcends genre. It’s really rare, this is the German label import. Yeah, John Cusack’s in it, and Jack Black, Tim Robbins is really funny, not to mention Catherine Zeta Jones, Iben Hiejle and Lili Taylor among other women who have to put up with all this guy’s bullshit. It’s great. I mean, we loved it when were young angsty kids looking for idols, but do you think it holds up now?

I think it’s really good. I dunno, let’s put it on and find out. Also, please Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Also, follow us on Twitter. And please consider supporting our Patreon campaign.

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WARNING: this podcast contains strong language and immature subject matter, please be advised.