For our latest episode, we braved half-empty theatres to see 2014’s The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and some guy from Game of Thrones (aka Alia’s “second favourite Lannister”). The movie, directed by the oft-maligned (by us) Nick Cassavetes, tries its hand at a tale of female friendship where you would least expect it, then seemed to think that exploring the concepts of ‘cheating’ and ‘monogamy’ in a movie about being ‘the other woman’ was maybe just too much. We discuss a lot of our problems with the movie – uneven performances, awkward direction, overly broad pranking, but hey, there’s a busty babe running down the beach in some kind of attempt to subvert the male gaze… but then she marries old Don Johnson and it all goes kaput. Spoiler Al- oh whatever.

This week we welcome back special guest and resident Cameron Diaz expert Kate Evans!

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