Well friends, we’re back from hiatus to present a little thing we like to call the Sandler-Barrymore Trifecta. That’s right: we watched 1998’s The Wedding Singer, 2004’s 50 First Dates, and 2014’s Blended… and we suggest you not try this at home. With Blended as the latest release from the romantic comedy duo of Adam “Has left the building” Sandler and Drew “Could do better” Barrymore, it says a lot about lame dads and unfortunately not a lot about the title theme. But hey, Terry Crews was there for some reason!

This was quite the test of our romantic comedy devotion and it may actually have ruined Lisa’s unconditional love of The Wedding Singer… who are we kidding, “Somebody put some pants on that kid!”… Anyone?

Download the show here, or from iTunes by clicking the button below.