The Secret of Nimh is without a doubt the Citizen Kane of the fantasy/adventure/super-intellegent, psychadelic wizard rat/single mother on a quest genre we’ve all come to know and love. What I’m trying to say, very snidely, is The Secret of Nimh is a very unique film, and one that greatly affected us as little kids. Directed by Don Bluth in 1982, it was a dark, even disturbing adventure story, apparently made for children. It also marks the film debuts of Shannen Doherty and Wil Wheaton, but that’s not the disturbing part.  How did we feel about the film now? To hear our thoughts on rewatching The Secret of Nimh, download the link below, or better yet subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 44- The Secret of Nimh

WARNING: the podcast contains strong language and immature subject matter, please be advised.